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2020-01-25 Steenberg Ridge Walk

Nadine and I started from the car park at Silvermine Gate 2. The route took us over the top of Steenberg Ridge (Rooi Afrikaaner Ridge), down past Split Kop to the road, and back to the car park.

An unseasonal cold front came in, and we walked in misty conditions until the rain set in.

The colour theme of the flowers was pink, with a few reds just starting. On the way to the plateau Wahlenbergias and Lobelias were in flower.

On the plateau before the summit:

  • Cryptadenia grandiflora (both white flowers and white flowers)
  • Erica pulchella
  • Harveya capensis
  • Microdon dubius
  • Selago serrata
  • Tritoniopsis unguicularis
  • Wahlenbergia cernua

On the rocky part near the top:

  • Erica gilva
  • Protea cyneroides
  • Gnidia oppositifolia
  • Stoebe rosea
  • Serruria villosa
  • Crassula coccinea (mostly just buds)
  • Erica multumbellifera
  • Erica urna-viridis
  • Heliophila sp

The plateau leading to the top of Peck's Valley was covered in large patches of pink Erica pulchella and white Helichrysum.

It started raining just before we reached the road, so no more pictures.

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