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Botanical Art

:Botanical_Art:Bolus_The_Orchids_of_the_Cape_Peninsula :Botanical_Art:Ethel_May_Dixie_Collection :Botanical_Art:Marloth_Flora_of_South_Africa :Botanical_Art:Bolus_The_Orchids_of_the_Cape_Peninsula :Botanical_Art:Ethel_May_Dixie_Collection

Harry Bolus

Harry Bolus, (1834 - 1911) was passionate South African botanist and botanical artist. Below are links to some of the pictures he painted. These pictures were found at Kirstenbosch, and scanned before they where sent to the archives.

Ethel May Dixie

Ethel May Dixie, (1876 - 1973) was a self taught botanical artist from Cape Town. She did many illustrations for Rudolf Marloth. The pictures below were found together with the Bolus pictures about, and were scanned here before finding their way to the archives.

Rudolf Marloth

Rudolf Marloth (1855 - 1931) was botanist, most well known for his work *Marloth Flora of South Africa*

Wendy Hitchcock

Erica verticillata
Erica verticillata was thought to be extinct until a specimen was found in the gardens at Kirstenbosch. Extensive detective work by Anthony Hitchcock led to more varieties being rediscovered, and the plant was eventually re-introduced in various rehabilitated wild spaces around Cape Town. Wendy painted this picture of the plant.
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